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2 YEAR 3.29%

3 YEAR 3.39%

4 YEAR 3.59%

5 YEAR 3.19%*

5 YEAR Variable 2.50%*

Updated April 9th, 2018
*Special conditions apply. Interest rates are provided for information purposes only and are subject to change without notice.

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Housing Reports

CAAMP is committed to providing its members with timely information about the market, and about Canadians and their priorities when obtaining a mortgage. With this priority in mind, CAAMP has partnered with Maritz Research Canada to conduct semi-annual consumer surveys for the past seven years, and annual industry surveys for the past three years.

This report details many of the key findings taken from our most recent round of research, conducted in October, 2012. Along with CAAMP’s semi-annual State of the Residential Mortgage Market in Canada reports prepared by CAAMP Chief Economist Will Dunning, this report is provided by CAAMP to its members as a tool to be used to help better understand and serve Canadian mortgage consumers, and ultimately to maintain and grow a healthy mortgage broker channel in Canada.

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Renovation and Home Purchase Report - Major Market Highlights

This publication highlights the key trends, analyses and statistics from CMHC's Renovation and Home Purchase Survey, conducted in ten major Canadian centres. The survey provides information on prior year's renovations in all ten centres. Intentions to buy or renovate a home are highlighted in five of the centres, so you can learn more about Tomorrow's Customers Today. The Renovation and Home Purchase survey is an updated and expanded version of the Consumer Intentions to Buy or Renovate a Home Survey which was conducted until 2006.

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Housing Market Outlook - Greater Toronto Area

Market at a Glance

  • New home construction and resale activity will slow into the first half of next year, setting the stage for an improvement during the second half of 2013.
  • New home construction starts will reach 37,600 units in 2013, including 10,100 singles and 27,500 multiples. New home sales will total 31,000 units.
  • MLS sales will total 87,000 homes next year at an average price of $498,500.
  • Slower employment growth in the coming months will keep the unemployment rate above

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Many brokers now provide existing, past and future clients with market information and updates via social media, monthly newsletters etc….It is our opinion that finding a broker that offers this service is a good idea.